Here are this year’s favorite blogs, chosen by the OUTLOOK team. We hope you enjoy reading, or re-reading, them. Also, check out our Throwback Winners at the end of this post.

What Forgiveness Can Do

 By Sabrina Riley This fascinating story details the life and legacy of Eveline Belle Keppel Steunenberg, wife of former Idaho Governor Frank Steunenberg, who was assassinated when a bomb planted by Harry Orchard at the gate of their home exploded.

Should You Tithe On Your Retirement Income? 

By Brennan Hallock As you plan for your “golden years” there are a number of financial questions that come to mind, including your choices about tithes and offerings.

Par For The Church 

By Tom Seibold  Church—in the sense of a weekly gathering of believers for worship—has changed dramatically over the years. How do reverence, relevance and relationships impact our worship gatherings today?

I Kinda’ Want To Leave

By Connie Nelson  This article brings up some of the uncomfortable problems many face when attending Sabbath school: useless arguments, flippant comments, derailed conversations, and lack of interaction. These are issues nearly everyone encounters at some point when attending Sabbath school, and so it is good to be open about these issues while offering potential solutions.

Is Church A Hospital?

By Kendra Carlson   We often hear the comparison of church to a hospital, but what does this actually look like? It is often more uncomfortable than we may anticipate, but it is also more healing.

6 Ways Taekwondo Helps My Family With Christian Values

By Rachel Ashworth   The values taught in Christianity can sometimes be found in unexpected places. Rather than discounting something solely based on a rumor about its origins or teachings, you might be surprised how many similarities you can find between Christianity and practices such as Taekwondo.

All You Care To Eat At The God Buffet

By Ed Dickerson   Can we really choose the God we want to believe in? Is a “definite description” useful?

The Teacher’s Notes

By Teresa Thompson   Every week Teresa writes practical study helps for the adult Sabbath School lesson that is studied by Seventh-day Adventist members around the world.

Ten Things Not To Ask Youth And Young Adults

Compiled by Hugh Davis   We all want to be kind, but sometimes we just don’t think before we speak. This post also includes 10 questions that most people will welcome.

Off To See America: Traveling By Motorhome

By Carol Bolden   Join Carol and her husband Thom as they explore and learn on this adventure of a lifetime.


Although none were originally published in 2019, these four articles/series from past years keep making the Top 10 list in our Google analytics.

10 Reasons Why I Love God (and you should too)

Guest author Johann De Dier encourages us to acknowledge what Jesus is doing in our lives and give Him the affection He deserves today.

 Rested or Rusted? 10 Fun Things to Do on Sabbath

Tech entrepreneur Chris McConnell offers a variety of suggestions for celebrating Sabbaths in a meaningful way.

 5 Ways to Stay Devoted to God

OUTLOOK blogger Rachel Ashworth shows how biblical devotion is something we are, not something we do.

 3 Ways of Knowing When the Gift of Prophecy is Revealed

In her three-part series, author Lydia Young-Samson shares a journey toward understanding the gifts of the Holy Spirit through the life of Christ.