One time when I was working as a nurse in a hospital, someone in management decided to rearrange the supplies.  In the emergency department, this meant all the rooms were set up the same way.  Efficient?  Definitely!  So obviously everyone was on-board with these changes, right?  No way!  In spite of the fact this was actually a good change in the end, everyone had difficulty with it.  Someone would reach for IV tubing and end up with gauze.  This happened with all the supplies.  It was frustrating and took many weeks to get through.  There was a lot of grumbling.

Our brains do not like change.  The nerves in our brains form tracks for the habits we have, both good and bad.  When we try to change these habits, it is literally as if our old routine were a train derailing in our brain.  It is uncomfortable and difficult.  However, it is possible!

God has made our brains with amazing plasticity.  Plasticity is the ability to change.  It is a gift God built in and it comes into play when a portion of the brain gets damaged and when we want to make a change of any kind–small or large.

Are you committed?

February 2 is coming.  Remember, that is the day we begin to build our foundation.  Anything worth doing takes commitment, and this will be no different.  The reason you are reading this is likely because you have attempted this change before.  Here are some questions to think about between now and February 2:

  • Are you committed to making this change?
  • What do you need to do it?
  • Do you need support?
  • When will you make the time for the reading and assignments?  (This should take about 15 minutes per day.)

Between now and February 2, get a notebook or journal.  Studies show we actually connect better to our thoughts when we write them out by hand, so I suggest not using your computer.  During the foundation building two weeks, there will be a lesson for every day.  These will be posted all at once on February 2 and February 9.  Then starting February 16, it will be a one monthly lesson posted on Sunday.  Successful changes take commitment and planning!

Pray about what God wants for you in 2020.  Pray for Him to prepare your heart and mind for the coming change.  Pray for Him to put His blessing on your efforts for change.