The Minnesota Conference is pleased to announce the appointment of John M. Bedell as the new Maplewood Academy principal, beginning July 2019. Bedell currently serves as education superintendent for the Minnesota Conference. He is a graduate of Andrews University and holds a master’s degree in history, with 36 years of experience as an Adventist educator. During those years, Bedell has served the church as a one-room schoolteacher, head teacher, high school teacher, vice principal and, currently, as a superintendent.

Bedell brings with him a wealth of knowledge in the educational field. In his current position, he’s worked with 10 elementary schools to support the teaching staff and school boards. Bedell passionately worked to emphasize the outdoor classroom in elementary schools, helping students and teachers get into God’s nature. He also serves on the Nonpublic Education Council for the Minnesota State Department of Education.

Bedell has a thorough understanding of the philosophy of Adventist education. In addition, he has a unique perspective on Adventist education, born out of his master’s thesis titled The Integration of Public Schools. As a result, Bedell believes the church should extend ministry to those families who have children in public school.

He also developed a strong interest in the Civil Rights Movement while studying for his master’s degree, and thus came to Adventist education with an understanding of the impact of diversity.

Focused perspective

Bedell believes the Adventist Church is the remnant church with a global reach, “having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth—to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people” (Rev. 14:6).

As superintendent, Bedell has preached in many of the conference churches to promote Adventist education and diversity. Bedell has pointed families, teachers and students to the need to build a personal relationship with Jesus, and the conference administration believe he will bring his unique, focused perspective to Maplewood Academy.

Bedell will take over principal responsibilities from Dr. Glen Baker, who accepted a call to serve as principal at Forest Lake Academy in Florida, one of the largest day academies in the North American Division. Dr. Baker served Maplewood Academy well and we wish him all the best as he transitions to his new position.