The song, Breath of Heaven (written by Chris Eaton and Amy Grant) speaks from Mary’s perspective and is her prayer asking for light in the darkness, God’s nearness, holiness, but most of all, to be held together.

This song stopped me in my tracks when I heard it at church while I hugged my own pregnant belly. My pregnancy wasn’t easy and my spirit had some frayed  edges. I was weak with anemia and emotional. I needed held together, so when I heard those words, my soul perked up and this became my prayer.

For those who are coming to this holiday season raw from loss, strain, or heartbreak, I see you. Do you sometimes wonder how you made it through the last hour? It’s a miracle. The very breath of heaven is beating the odds to hold you together.

When pregnant, your joints actually loosen and it can be uncomfortable – even painful. I remember picturing my body as a car that falls apart in cartoons, wheels rolling in all directions, steering wheel coming off. Sometimes it feels like that. But God promised to come and did, so we can be sure He’ll come the second time too. His prize both times is us, so He has no intention of letting us be destroyed in the meantime. Rest in that love and let His breath hold you together this Christmas.