In this time of education via Zoom, packets of assignments, Google Classroom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, text messages and emails, the teachers at College View Academy have stepped up to the challenge. Many teachers and schools in the state of Nebraska chose not to introduce new curriculum during the fourth quarter of this past school year, but this was not the case at College View Academy.

Our teachers presented new information and continued preparing students to finish the school year in a strong way. From preschool to high school, our teachers dedicate themselves to educating students and preparing them to be successful in college and beyond.

Guest speakers joined classes in both elementary and high school online classrooms. These speakers ranged from local government officials to an epidemiologist from Johns Hopkins to musicians to friends of CVA who showed their baby ducks. We were also blessed with a week of prayer speaker, Russell Palmer, who brought a powerful week with music, messages and prayer.  

The high school campus ministries team connected every day at 6 pm by Instagram live, allowing guests and students to present worship thoughts. Students shared their faith, laughs and love for life. The campus ministries team was also instrumental in planning and coordinating a Mid-America Union-wide vespers, where nearly 100 students joined to worship together in a Zoom vespers. Students from each school were involved in the program.

Signing yearbooks is a time-honored tradition, but nearly impossible to do while social distancing. But our yearbook sponsor, Mrs. Pierce, found an app called Padlet, which allows students to write messages to one another just like they were signing each other’s yearbooks. Those messages were printed and inserted into the yearbooks. 

In a time when we can’t meet in person, our students and teachers have knocked it out of the park with creative ideas to stay connected and help us feel like a school family.

Missy Sorter is director of marketing and admissions at College View Academy in Lincoln, Nebraska.