The one truly unmeasurable thing I can think of is the entity of God’s love.

Because of God’s love a Woman can forgive herself and find meaning in a new life. A child who has lost their parents can find nurturing refuge in a stranger’s arms.

God’s love is the Most powerful force in our existence. And it is free.

Because it’s free to those who fill their hearts with greed often grow blind to God’s love. But you have those who have very little, lost everything, or maybe never had it to begin with. The less you have of the Material World the more room you have for God’s love.

God’s love is what everyone Needs but not what everyone has.

Often success is only measured on who we know, what we have. There is absolutely nothing you can buy or earn that can come close to God’s love.

Pure Organic Joy, Happiness, and Fulfillment are found in God’s love.

Anything else is a temporary fix, bringing us further and further away from what we truly need.

When you invest in Yourself.

When you love Yourself

When you protect Yourself,

All you have gained at the end of the day is “yourself”.

Are you happy, joyful, fulfilled with yourself?

One person serving one person.

Or is your life ready for a greater purpose?

God’s love is immortal.

God’s love is your superpower.

God’s love is your purpose.

God’s love is

Your existence.