“Nowhere in nature where man has not been do you ever see exposed earth … when you take the cover off, it becomes vulnerable.”

This is the premise behind the new documentary film and ministry Back to Eden. The film follows Paul Gautschi, a self-sustained gardener in Washington state who’s had great success year after year (for approximately 30 years) with large-scale gardening and orchard keeping–all completely organic–with little-to-no weeding, watering or fertilizing.

His secret? Like the premise suggests, he simply keeps the ground covered. The film discusses several possible coverings, though Gautschi says woodchips are by far the best.

Forget about buying flowers or chocolates! Get your Valentine a gift that keeps on giving … longer life. Okay, a little cheesy maybe, but seriously … I can’t think of a better way to spend V-Day than sitting down with your sweetheart and learning how to eat healthier and live longer together.

Watch the three-minute teaser above, or stream the entire film FREE and find a lot of other great information at backtoedenfilm.com.

I think I just might do a garden this year, after all …