Busy; a nice way to Stay Distracted.

To charge time onward.

To choose what has our attention and what can wait.

This feeling can be described as Captaining a ship in an onerous sea of responsibility.

All that is important is what’s happening in the now.

Maintaining course, routine maintenance. 

Having a sense of pride we use the stars to guide us and landscapes for reference.


But what happens when Busy becomes a competitor against a storm.

Mysterious and wicked it approaches fast.

Clouding the Stars, fog hiding anything familiar.


Now Busy turns into Awareness.

Panic drowns the mind.

The realization is You are lost.


There is only one distinction.

Just as a still small voice,

a dim yet real sign of life appears amongst the chaos.

Light battles the darkness as if God himself has fired a flare.

Grace once again has blessed your soul as you follow the lighthouse back to safety.


Often in life, we find ourselves lost to be found by the grace of God.

Some feel inspired to help others also find their way back to safety.

We may be captains of our own busy vessels, however with the Power of God in our lives we can be lighthouses.

Even the smallest beam of light could be exactly what a friend, stranger, or enemy may need to survive.