Please ask yourself this question: Has God brought you any growth?

Have you become more able to hear it when someone points out your mistake? Have you come to see people you saw as objects as three-dimensional humans and found compassion in your heart? Have you chosen God’s plan over your own at any point? When we answer yes to these questions, we have reason to believe God is capable of changing us and those around us. Celebrating these victories builds our faith. Remembering how far we’ve come and how our mistakes didn’t thwart God’s grace, can help us stop demanding that people around us stop making mistakes. We can rest in the truth that the only reason anything on our planet still works is grace.

The sun comes up every morning. God is alive. Gravity holds us in place. God is alive. Air fills our lungs and clears our heads. God is alive. We find a way to laugh when things are hard. God is alive.

If you think this is too great a leap, I would like to point out that Satan is bent on our destruction. If he had his way, we’d spin out into space and die.

But we don’t.

If you think these evidences are too small and do nothing for the problems you face, I hear you. I’ve said that to God many times. My husband will point to a tiny blessing and tell me, “See? We’re going to be okay. God’s taking care of us,” and I have thought he was delusional. How does the smallest blessing make up for the huge problem I’m facing? I wrote him off as an optimist and patted myself on the back for being a realist, which sounded important, but really, is my perception accurate? I’m starting to think my husband and others who pin their faith to small evidences of God’s grace are the one’s who’ve seen the glory. They’ve had a peek behind the curtain and seen that good is winning this fight. I worry and worry because I’m still watching every force that rises against me, scarred it’s going to be the one that takes me down. I see the darkness and scream at God to, “Fix this!” while Brian sees the light and says, “Thanks.”

I’ve decided I’d like to be a little “delusional” too. I want to take the sunrise as proof God is in power and loves me. My problem may not be solved yet, but if the sun didn’t come up anymore, it wouldn’t matter would it? Maybe a sunrise is enough reason to lay down my cynic’s armor and believe that God has all of it in hand.

What is the way to the abode of light? And where does darkness reside? Can you take them to their places? Job 38:19,20 NIV

With Job, we can admit, “No, I can’t. But you can and you do just that for me, every day. So thanks.”