Hello, are you still there?



Coming Back to God feels humbling in the worst way,

That realization of how long it’s been since you have prayed or have been honest with yourself on how your relationship has been going.

It’s God’s own fault that He loves us so much He gave us free will.



The mind wonders,

In church, during spiritual conversations, during prayer.

God, why did it have to be the straight and narrow, why does Satan get to have the curves and the open road?



The main reason I worship is that my father taught me to.

If I wasn’t raised in the faith I doubt I would have ever believed.

Our Mission as Christians from Jesus himself is to go out and spread the word.


It’s ironic that the words we are supposed to share are also our personal life and death choices,

My least favorite quality in myself is being Spiritually numb.


I already know the “truth”, God will forgive me, I can have a little fun, and He will still take me home.

How effortlessly Satan comforts our sin as no big deal.

That God will turn a blind eye if you don’t think too much about it.



Our Version of God is the one that makes doing things right; easy,

“I may not be a saint but I think I can squeeze into heaven just fine.”

Will this behavior justify forgiveness in God’s eyes?

Is my heart so Cold that I don’t recognize my own faults?


God is gracious, God is Love, God is everything positive in life.

God is no fool.

God cannot be tricked.

He sees everything, Knows everything.

He knows Satan and He knows you.

If you open your heart and tell Him everything, about how it’s hard to let your favorite sins go, the ones that aren’t “really that bad” and surrender them to God

You may become more sensitive to the damage that even the little sins cause.



The Law and Order when self-awareness meets judgment of others more lost than us.

And some may actually be more lost.

But being Lost is something we all share when we are this far away from Home.

Brothers and Sisters; God’s Children

We are God’s people, by His grace we are saved.

Why do we act as we own ourselves?

Why do we need to find darkness in others to make our light shine brighter?

To instead, put our inadequate worries aside, and support each other in Faith.  

And I know this is hard to read

But is this true for you?